Shoji Shades: Custom Hand-made Japanese Roller Shades

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Bring a unique quality of light and an element
of Zen calm into your home by decorating your
windows with Shoji Shades. Shoji Shades
are elegant custom-made roller
blinds that give a room a soft glow of light.
They are made from Japanese papers that are
customarily used for shoji-translucent sliding
screens that serve as doors and windows. A
traditional element in Japanese architecture for
hundreds of years, shoji diffuse sunlight. As light
changes throughout the day, so does the light
filtering through the paper, creating gentle
patterns and soft shadows. Shoji Shades create
this same quality of light and they work with
a variety of decorating styles to complement
traditional, modern, Asian, and eclectic room
decor. To give windows a coordinated look, Shoji
Shades can be combined with curtains, valances,
and swags.


Roller blinds are an easy, functional, and
economical window treatment. They are clean
and simple in their design, and because they
are cordless there are no safety issues with
children or pets. The added appeal of Shoji
Shades is the use of special papers. They allow
a diffused light to come into a room while at
the same time providing privacy. On sunny
days, they help make a room feel cool; at
night, they warm the atmosphere with a
richness and elegance.
Some of the shoji papers are made from
100% Japanese mulberry with only natural
ingredients added. Instead of yellowing
over time as Western papers do these shades
will brighten as they age.
The roller mechanisms that are used are of high
quality and made in the United States. They
are heavy duty wooden spring rollers that
are made from scratch to ensure a straight,
perfectly round dowel.

I started Shoji Shades inspired by my love of Japanese interiors and papers. Having lived in Japan, I started making roller shades using Japanese papers when I returned to the U.S. and needed window treatments for my children's rooms. As a book binder, I wanted to use my skills to create useful objects for the home. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding customizing any shade with color, calligraphy, stencils, fabric or wood veneer.

Steps to Ordering:
1. Choose Paper
2. Measure your windows
3. Fill out the order form
4. Mail with payment or go to Paper Choices to order online with Paypal.

You can also visit my shop at Etsy and order your shades there.

Link to Shoji Shades on Etsy

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